About Us

Thanks for visiting the Trance Channels website today.

My name is Justin Callaghan and I am a big trance music fan.

Born in the early 70’s, I grew up with synthesizers, drum machines, electro 80’s and hip hop music.  When trance music emerged, I instantly took a liking to it.

I studied music technology at college as a hobby, whilst I can’t read music I know music chords and the notes.  I created a few electronic tracks of my own using FL Studio, Nexus 2 and a load of VST plugins.  So in a nutshell, I grew up with electronic music especially classic trance music.

I was listening to Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, ATB, Chicane and all the legendary DJs and producers of that era.

On to why I built the Trance Channels website

In more recent years as technology and social media has enhanced, I began watching and listening to uplifting trance tunes and video streams such as A State of Trance on YouTube.

As I own a website, I decided to add a YouTube plugin to feature a vocal and uplifting trance music playlist.  You can find the playlist here which has over 30 great songs.

I absolutely love uplifting and female vocal trance with catchy melodies and atmospheric synth sounds.

What’s the idea then?

The idea here is to bring together the top 10 trance music record labels and top 10 trance DJs.  The website features the official YouTube Channels of each of the labels and DJs making it a great place to listen to trance music. Trance and YouTube Channels = Trance Channels.

So, that’s it really,  grab your headphones, visit the Record Label or Trance DJ pages and listen to the best trance songs of today.

The top 10 record labels we are showcasing are (in no particular order):

  1. A State of Trance (ASOT)
  2. Armada Music
  3. Anjunabeats
  4. Who’s Afraid of 138?!
  5. Black Hole Recordings
  6. Enhanced Recordings
  7. AVA Recordings
  8. Flashover Recordings
  9. Futue Sound Of Egypt (FSOE)
  10. Garuda

The chosen top 10 Trance DJs are (in no particular order):

  1. Armin Van Buuren
  2. Gareth Emery
  3. Dash Berlin
  4. Christina Novelli
  5. Tiesto
  6. Above & Beyond
  7. W and W
  8. Paul Van Dyk
  9. Sander Van Doorn
  10. Tritonal

The above are taken from a number of trance music resources such at the DJ List, Mixmag and so on.

Recommended Trance Music Channels

Here are a number of very good trance music channels worth a visit on YouTube:

  1. Ben Gold
  2. Allen Watts
  3. Steve Allen
  4. Omnia
  5. Roman Messer

You will have your own favourite trance labels and DJs but the above are the ones I like!

Feel free to send over your recommendations!

Images on the Website

Please note that all images used on this website are the property of the rightful owner.  I do not own them and are only used for display purposes only. There is no copyright infringment intended in the use of the images.  If anyone has any concerns please contact Justin.