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We bring you the very best in trance music from popular trance record labels, DJs and music producers. You will find a variety of top trance music videos, VLOG's, interviews and of course the most uplifting, vocal and classic trance tunes available online.

Our Trance Music Story

Read all about Trance Channels, who created it and why we made the website, including our love of trance music and what there is to offer here.

Trance Record Labels

Featuring a selection of the very best trance music record labels. You will find the top 10 most popular record labels around now and from recent years.

Top 10 Trance DJs

The top 10 trance DJs wowing crowds with the latest uplifting and banging trance tunes. Find out which DJs are the most popular right now.

Female Vocal Trance

Listen to some fantastic female vocal trance songs here. We showcase some great vocal tracks which also display the lyrics on the videos.

Trance Music Playlist

Listen to a carefully selected list of trance songs. Featuring the likes of vocalists Christina Novelli and Emma Hewitt. Over 30 handpicked tunes.

Classic Trance Music

It wouldn't be the same if we didn't include some of the classic trance music from back in the day when the genre started off. We have some classics here.

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